Tattoo Aftercare

Derm Style Bandage Healing

After your tattoo: Leave derm bandage in place for 8-24 hours, depending on how much the tattoo weeps. It is normal for blood and fluid to collect under the bandage, change the bandage earlier if there is a large amount of fluid build up.

Day 1: Carefully remove derm bandage, pulling slowly (doing this under running water helps). Wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap, water and your bare hands (do not use a wash cloth). Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Apply a second derm bandage, making sure to cover the entire tattoo. Leave this on for 4-6 days. (If there is excessive fluid build up during the first day or two, you can replace the bandage again, but only if necessary).

Day 6: Remove derm bandage and wash your tattoo. Apply unscented hand lotion to your tattoo 4-5 times a day until it is done peeling. Your tattoo will flake and peel like a sunburn, and the flakes will be in color, so don’t be surprised!


-Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo.

-You can go swimming and/or soak your tattoo in a tub, as long as you have a derm bandage over the tattoo, once two weeks have passed, you can swim and soak without derm.

-Keep your tattoo out of the sun for 2 weeks - after that, use sunblock to protect your tattoo from fading.

-If you have any problems, questions, or excessive redness or swelling, please email me at with the heading "Healing Issue," and I will respond ASAP.

-If are worried your tattoo may be getting an infection, please email me and call the shop at 612-823-2969 to come in right away so one of us can look at it. In addition, please contact a healthcare professional at the first sign of infection (excessive heat, greenish lymph, spreading redness).